About Us

Welcome to our Club

Parisa Sports Club Ltd is a well-established sports club offering a range of classes to help keep your mind and body, fit and healthy.

We also offer classes to build on a existing talent or help you achieve your dreams and goals in terms of dance, fitness, a healthy weight etc

We Can Help In The Following Areas:

• Fat Loss
• Weight Control
• General Fitness & Exercise Classes
• Rehabilitation (including Sports Rehab)
• Diabetes Related Weight Control
• Cellulite & Fat Loss

Our Unique Approach Ensures Success Where Many Other Programs Fail

– Weight loss & Fat Burning (Exercise & Ballet)
– weight loss during Injury Recovery
– Weight loss when All Other Programmes Fail
– Weight loss when you’ve hit a plateau & are struggling

Are You Ready For A Life-Changing Weight & Fat Loss Experience? Select Your Class & Let’s Get Started.

Parisa Sports Club