This is when the original system was created by the founder, Parisa Ghaboussi.

History & Client Commitments

Our History

November 4

1994 – Tehran

This is when the original system was created by the founder, Parisa Ghaboussi. The original system was designed to help those reliant upon medicine by replacing this reliance with exercise and with generally healthier lifestyle choices.

Clients would have a range of ailments, including obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lower back pain and shoulder pain, among others.

When people reach a weight loss plateau, the techniques would help to kick start the weight loss again.


Over 100 clients have now recovered from their various physical and mental ailments.


It was at this time that Parisa moved to the UK as she wanted to further develop her system and techniques in the west and chose the UK as the ideal location.


After some studying and finally establishing a new business here in the UK, Parisa finally started providing her services again.

Once again, every single client recovered fully from their various injuries, including knew cartilage, lower and general back pains, mental illnesses.

Parisa noticed that patients would often come to her after physiotherapy had failed to help them. Using her own techniques and her system, she had managed to improve their health and results, often very drastically.


In the UK, clientswith type-two diabetes & obesity had shown weight loss with results reaching nearly 3 stone (44 pounds). Often, this resulted in their doctors reducing their prescribed medicines down from 4 metformin tablets per day, to one table per day and blood sugar was completely under control.

GPs – Parisa was approached numerous times by GPs asking for an explanation as to how these results were achieved.

They would often ask – How does one get the same results with exercise rather than gastric bypass surgery or gastric balloon surgery? Doctors have been left confounded by the results and this is a huge source of pride for Parisa& also for her numerous patients.

One of the big challenges was always the appetite of the patient and their dependence on food. Slowly, over time and with consultations and the right type of exercise, using the right equipment and form, the patients reduced their dependence on food and became physically fitter and stronger.

The Process after registration:

Client Commitments

Once a new client is registered & paid, the client will receive the following:

1 – Clients are asked to stop ALL other treatments as they will interfere with or even prevent the programme from achieving its best results.

2 – Clients are asked to refrain from doing ANY exercise by themselves. All sessions need to be correctly supervised to achieve maximum results and to allow for zero injuries or issues arising from injuries.

3 – Clients are asked to commit to REGULAR exercise sessions. Consistency is paramount in this program and it will only work if commitments are strictly adhered to & kept.

4 – Clients are told that missing session is not possible. In order for the system to work, 100% attendance is required

5 – Any absence will still count as an actual session (please, be aware, that you may lose that sessions payment)