The Fat Burning System

The fat burning system helps those who can’t do cardio vascular activities because of “weight related” considerations.

Fat-burning is achieved through exercise & NOT through tablets.

We need to get to know about medical history of the person before they are attending to the class.

Your fat burns with the help of oxygen. The sports physiology & sports science will help you to build muscle to burn the fat not burning your muscles.

Doing the wrong exercise and putting pressure on the wrong muscles can burn your muscle rather than your burning fat & this is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Worse still, you can be injured your muscle and joint & this will set you back and move you in the opposite direction of your goals. This is one of the common mistakes many people make when trying to lose weight.

In some cases, after reviewing the medical history, we may determine that you need to begin with a different course, more suitable for you. We may even refer you to rehabilitation classes if we learn that you are not ready for this approach just yet. Once you’ve completed that, you will automatically progress & be eligible for this programme & to join this group.

For example: if someone joins with knee injuries or back injuries, they will be added to the rehabilitation exercise class prior to joining the main programme. This is for your health & benefit as well as to maintain the integrity of our advice. We will always prioritise your health & circumstances first. Our programmes are tailor made to fit your profile & lifestyle.

The Fat burning system is designed for those people who feel that they can’t do the heavy exercise or jumping fast activity. The exercise will be changed and varied from time to time, depending on your health and their progress.

As we need to make a decision and planning for the customers: you won’t be given the option to join any classes that we deem unsuitable for you. We will discuss this with you upfront and be sure to provide you the exact information you need to enable you to make your decision.