In the UK, clientswith type-two diabetes & obesity had shown weight loss with results reaching nearly 3 stone (44 pounds). Often, this resulted in their doctors reducing their prescribed medicines down from 4 metformin tablets per day, to one table per day and blood sugar was completely under control.

GPs – Parisa was approached numerous times by GPs asking for an explanation as to how these results were achieved.

They would often ask – How does one get the same results with exercise rather than gastric bypass surgery or gastric balloon surgery? Doctors have been left confounded by the results and this is a huge source of pride for Parisa& also for her numerous patients.

One of the big challenges was always the appetite of the patient and their dependence on food. Slowly, over time and with consultations and the right type of exercise, using the right equipment and form, the patients reduced their dependence on food and became physically fitter and stronger.